Wrench: A utility CLI for test execution automation

Wrench: A utility CLI for test execution automation

We are releasing Touca Wrench v0.1 today: An open-source utility command-line tool that helps you continuously run regression tests on a dedicated test server.

Wrench also provides facilities for managing test result files at scale, useful for teams who choose to keep a local copy of their test results. Supported operations include compression, modification, and resubmission of test results to Touca server instances, in batches.

GitHub - trytouca/touca-wrench: Utility CLI for managing Touca archive files
Utility CLI for managing Touca archive files. Contribute to trytouca/touca-wrench development by creating an account on GitHub.

Wrench test automation framework is designed for extensibility, but our first release is tailored to the software delivery pipeline of one of our customers. It offers limited customization and out of the box integration with other software delivery platforms. We will significantly improve the extensibility of this automation framework in future versions.

Wrench v0.1 integrates with Artifactory to look for the package for the most recent version of your software. It downloads and installs this package before running its Touca tests. It also manages and archives all files generated by each test and for each test case.

In effect, Wrench makes setting up automated regression tests on a dedicated test server as easy as writing a "test profile" configuration file. Refer to our documentation website for instructions on how to use Wrench and a sample test profile.

Wrench is developed based on feedback from current Touca users. We are grateful for your support. 🙏🏼

We are hard at work preparing Touca SDK for Java for release next week. Could this SDK be useful to you or someone you know? Let us know.