Touca Advisors Update - Issue #4

Hello, I hope you are well. Here are a few brief updates on Touca.

Facing The Fears

It’s been nearly a month since I left my job. I miss working with my former colleagues but am satisfied with the decision so far. This month has been overwhelming but full of opportunities to learn and grow.

I have set two priorities for myself: finding early paying customers and speaking with experts. I am struggling to execute well and stay focused on the two priorities. While most meetings are encouraging, it takes a few negative feedback to find myself withdrawn, for days, to my comfort zone of improving the product. I am learning how to deal with this problem.

Speaking with potential customers has not progressed into revenue yet, but it has helped remind me of the business risks. A notable takeaway from more than 30 conversations has been that Touca cannot be a silver bullet solution. Every product has unique characteristics that sometimes require special accommodations during the integration process. So I am starting to take the time to better understand the software architecture of potential customers and to build prototypes that fit within their context. My biggest worry is that while this approach may yield some result, it is not scalable for the sustained growth of a startup. This is one of the many risks I have yet to address.

On the bright side, potential customers and expert engineers all confirm that hardly anyone likes building and maintaining test tools. Teams that have built their own regression testing system, generally identify with the pain points Touca is trying to solve.

Learning the Ropes

I have started working part-time (3d/w) at the @MightyApp startup. This experience is consuming more energy and focus than anticipated. But I feel fortunate to be in an all-star team and to get a crash course, along the way, on building a successful customer-obsessed startup.

Mighty will launch on April 27th.

Building the Ship

Adding new features has not been a primary focus this month but I’d like to highlight the following new features and improvements:

  • Separate and redesigned marketing website. It needs more work but I invite you to check it out at
  • New documentation website with more helpful content.
  • New “Account Settings” page for managing user information.
  • Touca now stores submitted test results in a MinIO object storage server that can be replaced with Amazon S3 depending on the deployment configuration. Previously, we stored the test results on the filesystem.

Finally, based on your prior feedback echoed by many recent conversations, I have started taking on a few more ambitious but technically challenging features that can significantly increase the value of Touca as a product offering. I will share more about them in the next issue.