Touca Advisors Update - Issue #7

Hello, I hope you are doing well! It’s been a little longer than a month since our last update. Apologies for the pile up of news.

Company Updates

We launched Touca on Product Hunt last month. This early launch generated a lot of exposure. The launch post was read by nearly 500 people. We had 50 sign ups and 11 users who did something meaningful with the product. After one month, Touca now has 7 weekly active users: kind and patient individuals building software in various industries. I have spent so much time speaking with them this month that I regard them as friends by now.

In addition to individual users, we now have 3 engineering teams trying a self-hosted version of Touca. Making Touca useful for them has been extremely motivating.

Product Updates

Our focus this month has been on keeping our new users happy and addressing their bug reports and feature requests as fast as possible. Overall, we’ve resolved 15 improvement tickets created based on user feedback. Notable improvements with long-term value include:

  • Automated deployments of new versions of the Touca Server now seamlessly perform data upgrades.
  • Touca Server can now perform auto-upgrade of the binary schema of submitted results. This feature unlocks many future improvements without breaking backwards compatibility.
  • Touca Server now works behind a proxy. We will iterate on our implementation in the coming weeks.

In addition to stability and usability improvements, we released a bold new feature that removes the need to specify the list of test cases when writing regression tests. The SDKs can now query this list from the Touca server. Over the next few weeks, we will add features to the Touca Server interface for managing the test cases and providing insights about each.

And last but certainly not least, we released the Touca SDK for Python earlier this week. This language had the highest demand when speaking with prospective customers. I hope our SDK can make Touca useful for a larger audience.

Other News

Touca was featured on the CppCast this week, one of my long-time favorite podcasts. It was exciting to share our vision and our technology directly with the C++ software engineering community.

Some of you who are my role models have been guests of this podcast in the past. I am humbled to be on the “previous guests” list alongside you.

We are happy to share that Touca has been selected as a semifinalist for the Minnesota Cup 2021 program. MNCup is a free state-backed program with valuable mentorship resources and $400K total prize money that takes no equity. We look forward to using this opportunity to speed up growth and gain customers.

I am incredibly thankful to Steven Snyder and Andrew Berg for providing valuable mentorship and advice during this program.

There are two more announcements but we are asked not to share until an official announcement goes out later this week.

Personal News

In order to take full advantage of our recent traction, I decided to cut short my part-time role at Mighty and focus full-time on Touca. I feel fortunate to have been part of an all-star engineering team.

Witnessing Mighty during its amazing period of growth helped me learn so much about building a successful startup. It is time now to apply those lessons as I finally start to dedicate all my time and energy to Touca.