Touca Advisors Update - Issue #2

Hello Everyone,

It’s already February and I’d like to provide some updates about Touca, the continuous regression testing solution that you showed interest in or provided feedback about. I hope this newsletter serves as an excuse for us to stay in touch.

Product Updates

At this time, Touca’s public platform has six users, four of which are my close friends that created accounts but never submitted any test results. Everyone I spoke with has shared feedback that Touca’s documentation for getting started is really bad.

It was easy to conclude that I should stop promoting the public platform as long as it is missing basic features like landing page, pricing page and an approachable getting started guide. While I am building these features, I have shifted my focus to speaking with prospective customers.

In the last two weeks, I found the first group of engineers who were willing to have a meeting, see a demo and evaluate Touca as a paid solution. They found the product “a solid solution” but they eventually asked to meet again in September, indicating that they are not willing to be among the first users.

At Vital, we continue to use Touca at scale. The number of workflows that we test continuously has doubled to 8, increasing the rate of submitted test results to 2 million per day. My colleagues remain the only happy regular users of this product for now.

During the last month, I spoke with 14 more founders and engineers, recorded 7 product demos (they are still bad) and released 5 major features. Check out Touca’s Public Roadmap for the list of features that were newly released or are in the works, along with a description for each.

Self Reflection

As I continue to speak with people, I remain confident about Touca’s potential value as a product. I truly believe that continuous regression testing can significantly increase developer productivity at enterprise software companies.

At the same time, it has become increasingly clear that unlocking this untapped market demands consistent self-discipline and an unshakeable resolve. Currently, I lack focus and have too much self doubt.

I am still fully employed. I like my job and the people I work with (I even got promoted this month) but it consumes a large part of my time and focus. Working weekends and well into the nights on Touca is not sustainable and does not generate focus.

So I spent January reviewing my career goals and deliberating on the decision ahead. This process made me realize, that regardless of its chances of success as a business, this project has been the greatest source of happiness and learning opportunity in my career so far. As long as I am privileged to pursue my passion without financial or social stress, the cost of a possible short-term failure is little compared to that of spending a career in self-doubt.

Now that you know my decision, let me keep you in suspense regarding the timeline for my next steps.

Stay safe and warm this month. Here in Minnesota, we are ready to enjoy our first sub-zero weekend this year ☃️ .