Touca Advisors Update - Issue #1

Hello and Happy New Year!

You are receiving this email because we spoke in December when you kindly shared your thoughts about Touca. I am still thankful for that. I have been thinking about a way to stay in touch with you without overstepping my bounds. The outcome is this monthly newsletter. While most of us are not fond of newsletters, this medium at least provides a guilt-free unsubscribe link (at the end of this email) if you no longer wish to hear from me and the software I am building.

Product Updates

Since we spoke, I have been trying to make it more convenient for prospective users to get started with Touca. Launching a product is difficult when you are aware of its imperfections. But I finally decided to go with my gut:

A production version of the Touca platform is now publicly available at And I open-sourced Touca SDK for C++ under the Apache-2 License.

You can find a separate โ€œexamplesโ€ repository that hosts a few sample regression testing tools. It uses GitHub Actions to automatically run regression tests as part of the CI for each newly created pull request. It shows how Touca can help interpret the submitted test results.

There are also three newly released features that you can read about in the New Features page of the Touca documentation.

Asking for Help

If you like to help, you can do any of the following depending on your interest:

  • Try Touca: It is now possible, if not very straightforward, to get started with regression testing using Touca. If you have some time, you can be among the first users of the platform and help shape its future. You can build the examples repository and use any of its regression test tools to play with the product.
  • Spread the word: I launched Touca by announcing it on Twitter. Given my small social bubble, my announcement did not reach too far. If you have a larger audience and you believe Touca might be interesting to someone in your circle, it would be great if you can share the news. I am intentionally avoiding larger mediums like Reddit, Hacker News, or Product Hunt at this time. Similarly, if you know someone I should speak with and listen to, I appreciate it if you make introductions.
  • Be my mentor: As I venture outside my comfort zone, it has become apparent that I need a mentor. If you are a founder or are experienced in product development, I can use your advice even if through a short conversation once every few weeks.
  • Contribute: I am an average engineer at best. This leaves ample room for improving the design and implementation of the product. Please let me know if you are interested in contributing to Touca or are open to reviewing its source code and provide feedback.

Thank you for reading through this email. I sincerely hope that we can stay in touch in the year ahead.