Product Updates - October 2021

An updated user interface, colored metadata tags, a new plugin for the Django test framework, improved email layouts, and 8 more new features and improvements.

Product Updates - October 2021

Hello, here is a summary of what we shipped in October.

Updated Team Page

We tried to simplify our user interface by merging the page with the list of your teams together with the page that provides details about them. You can toggle between your teams or create a new team from the bottom left corner.

Sample test code using Touca SDK for Java

Colored Metadata Tags

Touca web app reports various information about each Suite, Version, and TestCase, in every row of their corresponding lists. We refer to these metadata as "Tags" and show them beside each other in the user interface. We added distinctly colored icons to these tags to make it easier to visually track changes in a given type of tag.

Touca Plugin for Django

Django is a well-known Python web framework with an opinionated design. They use their own test framework for writing unit-tests and integration tests. We developed a plugin exclusively for Django that enables easy integration of Touca with their test framework and provides an intuitive developer experience to Django developers who like to leverage Touca.

GitHub - trytouca/touca-python: Touca SDK for Python
Touca SDK for Python. Contribute to trytouca/touca-python development by creating an account on GitHub.

Better Email Templates

We improved the layout and content of all emails sent by the Touca server to make them consistent, easy to read, and useful.

Other fixes and improvements

  • All SDKs: Rename high-level data capturing functions add_result and add_assertion to check and assume, respectively.
  • Java SDK: Allow customizing serialization of user-defined types
  • Java SDK: Resolve warnings and code smells identified by PMD
  • C++ SDK: Separate de-serialization logic for reduced binary size
  • Server: Show version navigator when scrolling through test results
  • Server: Fix regression that did not allow search suites by name
  • Server: Improve management of team invitations and join requests
  • Server: Allow admins to delete a given user account

Asking for Feedback

What is the one feature that can significantly increase Touca's value for you? Let us know how we make Touca more useful to you.

Thank you for using Touca!